Privacy Policy

The protection of personal data and privacy is important to us. In the following we therefore provide information about the collection and use of personal data at the Swiss Federation of Bodybuilding. The details of the operator with contact details can be found in the imprint.

1. Data collection when using the homepage

You can visit this information page without giving any personal information. We do not store any personal data in this context. In order to improve our offer, we only evaluate statistical data which do not allow any conclusion to be drawn about a person.

2. Collection and processing of data

If you purchase a membership or an access pass, it is necessary to provide personal data. This includes name, address and electronic contact details, which are collected for billing and identification purposes. The IP address of the computer used is also logged out of a legitimate interest to protect against misuse. The data will not be passed on to third parties and will be kept for the duration of the statutory accounting obligations.

3. Data security

The data made available to us is secured by taking all technical and organisational security measures to ensure that it is inaccessible to unauthorised third parties. The use of data encryption (SSL) ensures that no data can be changed or recorded during the Internet connection from the client to the server.

4. Rights

If personal data has been collected, the right to view or take over this data exists. Furthermore, the deletion, correction or blocking of the data can be demanded. However, a request for deletion does not include the data that we are required to keep due to administrative, legal or security requirements. We may request appropriate documents (e.g. identity card) to verify identity in the case of inquiries and an expense allowance in the case of repeated inquiries. In the event of disputes, you have the right to contact the local data protection authority.

5. Third party applications

The service "Google Analytics" is used to analyse the streams of visitors, which provides the operator with anonymised information on visitors and their geographical origin. The conditions of "Google Analytics" apply to this. The "Google Fonts" service is used for the display of fonts; the conditions of "Google Fonts" apply. The "Google Maps" service is used to display location information on a map. The terms and conditions of "Google Maps" apply here. Privacy Policy of Google

6. Cookies

Cookies are used to store session data during the registration/purchase process (out of legitimate interest) and to measure the flow of visitors anonymously. Cookies are not shared with third parties or made available to third parties. They contain no personal data.